The Project
Crash Games purchased a partially built game from Gamesmith for publishing. Crash needed a print-ready box, full rulebook and instructions, gameplay illustrations, and rebuilt game mats and cards in order to ship.
Time: Overseas printers and manufacturing deadlines meant forcing three weeks of work into less than a week of actual working hours. We ended us shipping in close to 72 hours.
Files: Illustration files were delivered flat or mostly flat, and were not ready for print. All assets needed cut out and cleaned up, with files layered, color coded, and labeled for delivery. There were no box or rulebook illustrations, so anything new would have to be constructed from existing card art, or made in full.
Mass Market Reformat: The previous build of the game was designed for the core hobby market, but was not suitable for mass market. In order to go mass market, the game needed reformatted in size and style.
Team Controbutions
- New logo, style, and color
- Re formatted for mass market
- Box layout, front and back
- Rulebook layout (covers, 6 pages)
- Cards and player mats
- Additional illustration
- Text editing, some copy
- Delivery of clean, print-ready files
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