Worbs – Icons & App Screens 
The Project
Big Fish Games developed Worbs (Originally called Gumball Heroes) as an RPG style action/arcade game for mobile. My goal was to create iOS and Android store assets that would represent the finished game and entice players to want to download the game.
Moving Target - The game was being actively developed when I began working on these concepts. This meant that myself, the development team, and the marketing team needed to be in constant communication to maintain a consistent vision between the marketing art and the game art. Several prototypes needed to be changed late in the design cycle to reflect changes made within the game.
Uncharted Territory - The studio had limited experience with mid-core titles. Before I could design successful app store art, I needed to spend a lot of time researching market competitors in order to understand player expectations.
Tight Timeline - The game was moving to worldwide release very rapidly. I had to be diligent with my time and resources to meant the aggressive release date.

- 30+ icon concepts
- Several finished icons
- Developed new icon exporter
- 3 app screen concepts
- App Store Benchmark documentation
- Many many whiteboard doodles
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